Setting up a Wooclap event

Find out how to customise your Wooclap event by activating a few settings and options

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Remember that a Wooclap event is an interactive session (a lesson, a training, a conference, etc.) consisting of three tabs:

  • the Votes tab that allows you to ask questions in real-time;

  • the Wall of messages tab, that allows your audience to ask questions or send messages during your presentation;

  • the Participant Pace tab, in which you can create an asynchronous questionnaire for your participants.

It is likely that you will want to customise the way your audience will experience your different events, perhaps even the questions within each event.

To that end, it can prove very useful to go through all the settings that are available on Wooclap for every event and question.

Keep in mind that some settings only work with real-time events, while others are specific for asynchronous sessions.

Of course, some settings apply to both Votes and Participant pace questionnaires:

  • Authentication

  • The theme editor

  • Sharing you event’s code

  • Customising your event’s code

  • Sending the Participant report

Customise a Wooclap event with the settings

Once within your Wooclap event’s page, you can access the settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Opening this new window will show you a list of the different settings available.

Let’s go through them in more detail:

  • Insert a presentation: it is possible to add a presentation to your Wooclap event (Powerpoint, Google Slide…)

  • Authentication: you can ask your audience to authenticate with their email, through their Social Networks or with the SSO of their organisation. If they are already identified via their email, you can also send your participants a personalised report!

  • Results visible by default: that setting allows you to directly show all the answers that you receive when launching your question. However, if you want to show the answers only after everybody has answered, remember to turn that setting off.

  • Competition mode: this mode adds a playful and thrilling dimension to your Wooclap event.

  • More options: this button will lead you to a list of additional settings (see the next section to learn more).

Note that if you want to check out or reset the results of a Participant pace questionnaire, you need to go to the dedicated tab: Participant Pace.

More options:

When you click on “More options”, you are redirected to a page with new options and settings.

Within the “Main settings” section, you can:

Within the “Extra settings” section you can:

  • Show slides on participants’ devices in real-time: if you inserted a presentation in your event, you can choose to show the slides directly on the devices of your participants during your real-time votes.

  • Show slides on participants’ devices asynchronously: if you inserted a presentation in your event, you can choose to show the slides on the devices of your participants, at their own pace.

  • Share your event with another user by giving them your event’s code: you can duplicate your own event in the Wooclap account of someone else. This new event is a duplicate of your original event, with a different code.

  • Display the usernames of the participants in real-time: their names will only be displayed on the Wall of messages and in the Open Questions.

  • Set up a timer for all your questions.

  • You also can export the results of your event under different formats: Excel or Moodle XML

  • Last but not least, you can send a report to your participants after they participated in your event.

Do not forget to save your changes, in the bottom-right corner of this page every time you make a change to these extra settings!

One last thing: when building your Participant pace questionnaire, you will see another list of specific settings on the right side of your screen. There you can choose to hide the correct answers once the participants have completed the questionnaire.

Phew, congrats! You have gone through all the settings of a Wooclap event. You are now ready to build your own lively real-time events or interactive asynchronous questionnaires.

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