If you would like to use an event you have used once before, or if you'd like to get rid of the data you gathered while testing the interactions, use the Reset function to reset the event, the message wall, or a single question or questionnaire.

  • Reset the event

Go to the event settings.

Scroll to the bottom to find the "Reset" button.

Once you reset an event, all of the answers and messages the participants sent in will be deleted, and the counter displaying the number of participants will be set to 0, as participants will be disconnected from the event. Participant pace questionnaires, however, will not be reset.

  • Reset the Message wall

In the Messages tab of the event, click on Reset to archive all of the messages sent by the audience up to that point.
When exporting an event's results to Excel, archived messages will still be available. If a message was deleted, its value in the column Archived will be "Yes".

  • Reset a question

If you'd like to reset a single question, use the three dots next to that question and click on Reset. Only that question's results will be deleted, and participants will remain logged in to the event, meaning the counter will remain the same.

  • Reset a Participant pace questionnaire

To reset a Participant pace questionnaire, use the three dots next to that questionnaire and click on Reset.

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