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What can I find on the Wooclap design interface?
What can I find on the Wooclap design interface?

Get to know the Wooclap design interface and discover all of its features.

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When you log in to Wooclap, click on “create an event” and you will have access to the event design interface.

This is what is on your design interface:

  • The Votes tab, which allows you to launch live, synchronous votes. Once your participants have logged in to your event, and you have launched a question on your projected screen, it will also appear on your participants' screen for them to answer it. This way, everyone answers the same questions at the same time.

See the article on the features to manage your event Real-time voting

  • The Messages tab that allows your participants to ask questions or send messages during your Live Voting session. This functionality allows participants to share their questions, arguments, ideas, and comments with you without having to raise their hands or voice. This allows everyone to be heard, especially in a large audience. In addition, participants have the opportunity to “like” the questions of their peers, therefore highlighting shared interests in certain topics. If you have activated the Message Wall, you can view it at any time during your Live Voting session.

  • The Participant Pace tab, which allows you to create an asynchronous questionnaire for your participants to complete whenever they wish. These questionnaires are ideal for asking your participants to prepare for a course/training session or to assess their understanding once the session is over.

It is also an effective way of collecting their feedback and asking them what interests them.

As long as a questionnaire is published, learners can answer it whenever they want to. Once the questionnaire is completed, each learner can view the correct answers to assess their performance (unless you activate the “Do not display correct answers” setting).

Participant view of a “Participant Pace” questionnaire from a smartphone.

In summary, there are two ways of imagining one's course or training within Wooclap:

Live via the Voting feature

Asynchronously via the “Participant Pace” questionnaires.

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