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How to use Wooclap in PowerPoint?

Integrate Wooclap directly into your workspace by adding Wooclap questions to a PowerPoint presentation.

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Get the best of both worlds by using the Wooclap PowerPoint add-in to insert real-time interactions into your PowerPoint files and combine your favourite PowerPoint features with the efficiency of Wooclap’s interactivity! This feature is available to all Wooclap users.

Please note that Wooclap only integrates with the PowerPoint version 15 (2013) Windows and Online and with the version 16 (2016) with the Office subscription. The version 16 on Windows and Mac may work but we cannot guarantee it. Neither can we guarantee that the other versions of PowerPoint will work correctly with our add-in. If you use a different version of PowerPoint, you can always insert your questions by uploading your presentation on Wooclap. The add-in can still be used in subscription versions of PowerPoint (e.g. Office 365).

Install the add-in

Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on Insert ➡️ Add-Ins ➡️ Get Add-ins. Search for "Wooclap" and click on Add.

☝️ On some versions of PowerPoint, the Add-ins button can be found directly from the Home tab.

Use the add-in

Once you have installed the Wooclap add-in, click on Start and log into your Wooclap account using your email address and password.

Use the left part of the interface to navigate through the list of your events. Once you have chosen the event you would like to integrate into your PowerPoint presentation, select the question you would like to add by simply clicking on it.

Once you have inserted all of your questions, start your presentation as usual. Once you reach a question, click the Play ▶️ button at the centre of the screen to open the vote. The audience will then be able to send their answers, which will be displayed in your presentation in real-time.

It’s also possible to create a Wooclap question directly within the PowerPoint interface!

Enter the event you want to add a question to, click on New question, select the question you would like to add and write it down. You can now click on Save and your question will be displayed.

Tips & tricks

Did you know you can add several questions by duplicating or copying-pasting the slide before inserting your Wooclap question?

You can now duplicate this slide as many times as needed to insert the Wooclap questions you would like to integrate into your presentation. Once that is done, all you have to do is to select the question you would like to insert into the slide and place it to your liking in the presentation.

Some remarks

  • We do not recommend inserting questions from different events into the same PowerPoint file (participants will have to connect to another link during the presentation, and it may lead to confusion);

  • We do not recommend inserting the same question into the same PowerPoint file more than once (the second time you display the question, it will already contain answers and participants won't be able to answer the question a second time);

  • The Message wall is not available through the PowerPoint add-in, but you could ask an open question to which the audience can respond in full sentences;

  • You can't publish a Participant pace questionnaire from the PowerPoint add-in. You must log into your account and publish it from there

  • The language of the PowerPoint add-in matches the one on your Wooclap account. You can modify it by going to the settings of your account.

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