How to disable Web/SMS text participation?

Learn how to adapt participation possibilities to your audience's needs!

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No internet connection or no connected device available? No problem! Participants can engage with the presentations thanks to SMS participation.

This feature is available for users with a Pro subscription or who have access to Wooclap through their organisation.

You can enable or disable this option directly from the Settings or from the How to Participate screen.

From the Settings

You can disable one of the two methods of participation by going to your event settings and clicking on More settings.

On the right side of the screen (just next to your themes), you will find two toggles with which you can deactivate one of the methods of participation.

Note that the Answer by SMS option is disabled by default

Bear in mind that you can't turn both off simultaneously! You can however activate both at the same time.

From the How to Participate screen

You can decide to activate or deactivate SMS participation through the How to Participate screen before presenting your event.

Notice that you cannot deactivate Web participation this way.

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