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How to download or export event results?

Review your event results and your participants’ individual report by navigating between the questions, participants and grid tabs.

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The Report section lets you see the results of your real-time event in detail. Accessing the results of your real-time event is available to all Wooclap users.

The results of your Participant pace questionnaires can be seen directly from the Participant pace tab. However, please note that downloading the results (either from a real-time event or a Participant pace questionnaire) is only available to Basic and Pro subscriptions or institutional licences.

Once your Wooclap event is over, you can export the data you have collected through the different tabs of your event. Those tabs are Votes, Messages or Participant pace.

Export results from the Votes tab

Open your event settings and click on the Report button to access your real-time event results.

Here are the available formats you will find in the Report tab:

  • With Full presentation (1), you can go through the overall results of a session as well as take a look at the slides you have uploaded on Wooclap, just like you would if the answers were displayed live on screen during your presentation. Please note that the tab Full presentation only appears if you have uploaded a presentation onto Wooclap.

  • With Questions (2), you can look through all the results of your event based on the Wooclap questions you have created.

  • With Participants (3), you can quickly filter the answers per participant.

  • Grid (4) will allow you to review the data per question and per participant.

  • You can export the report to PDF using the Save as PDF (5) button.

  • Export to Excel (6) allows you to export all results into an Excel document for further analysis. This file contains a tab in which you will find the audience's messages as well.

Export results from the Messages tab

Click on Export messages to Excel in the Messages tab of the event. There is only one available format for the messages.

Export results from the Participant pace tab

Click on the Participant pace tab to access your Participant pace questionnaires. You can view the results of a questionnaire using the Report button. Once you have clicked on the Report button, you will be able to switch between the Questions and the Grid views. Both tabs can be exported to Excel, but only the Questions tab can be saved (or printed) as a PDF.

The Export to Excel feature is also accessible through the three dots next to Report.

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