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How to customise my Wooclap events with the theme editor?
How to customise my Wooclap events with the theme editor?

Personalise your Wooclap events appearance by adding your logo and graphical charter.

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About the theme editor

Have you always wanted to make your presentations more corporate by fitting them to your organisation's colours ? Wooclap's theme editor is made for you. It allows you to change your Wooclap events with a wide range of options so that they fit perfectly into your organisation's graphical charter.

Create your custom theme in 4 steps

Here are the steps to follow :

  1. open the editor in your event settings page

  2. create your custom theme

  3. add a logo and/or a background image

  4. define the colour theme for an event

For more immersive presentations which fits the colours of your organisation, you can now use the Wooclap theme editor.

Step 1: Open the theme editor

On your Wooclap dashboard, on the right, click on the More settings button in your event settings and then click on the Create Your Colour Theme button.

Step 2: Create your colour theme

You can then click on New Theme at the top right of your screen and choose the name you wish to give it.

You can then choose the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours for your theme.

These colours will be displayed according to their importance within your event. The Primary colour is therefore the major and main colour of your theme.

Step 3: Add your logo and/or a background image

You can add a logo and change its size by clicking on Add image below Logo.

You can also add an image to be used as a background for your questions by clicking on Add image below Background image.

You can then increase or decrease the opacity.

Step 4: Save and choose the colour theme for your event

Once your theme is ready, don't forget to ... save it by clicking on the Save button!

Back on your Settings page, you can now define your created theme in the Colour Theme list.

If you'd like to display the colours of your organisation when using Wooclap, please get in touch with us.

There you go, congrats! You now have a theme that will fit your organisation perfectly during your Wooclap events!


  • Is the theme editor accessible to all users?

This feature is available for the PRO and Site/Enterprise License plans.

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