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What is the Competition mode?

Have the audience battle for a place on the podium!

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About this feature

The Competition mode requires identifying the participants, which can only be done for those participating through the web. Participants can't take part in the competition using SMS text messages.

For the time being, a competition can only be held in real-time. A Competition mode for Participant pace questionnaires is not yet available.

How does it work?

The Competition mode is a fun and entertaining way to learn by introducing gamification.

  • Open the settings

and turn on the Competition mode

  • The audience connects

Once the Competition mode is activated, the participant username is also automatically activated. (Warning: if one of your participants has already logged into Wooclap via e-mail, SSO or social login authentication, they will not have to enter a username and/or they will have to log out of Wooclap in order to be able to write down their username)

It is also possible to add other authentication methods by activating the Authentication option. You can then choose which type of authentication suits you best (e-mail, social login or SSO).

  • Ask the audience questions and display the ranking

When quizzing the audience, click on the little trophy at the bottom of your screen to display the current ranking, and choose whether you'd like to display the top 3, top 5, top 10, or top 15 participants at any point during the quiz.

When you display the ranking, your participants will be able to see their position on their device!

How is the competition scored?

In the Competition mode, points are awarded according to the correct answer you give, but also according to the speed at which you answer the question.

Distribution of points according to question types:

1-point questions (MCQ with only one correct answer, Find on image, Find a number and Sorting):

  • If participants give a wrong answer, they will consequently get 0 points.

  • If they give a correct answer, the first person to answer correctly will get 1000 points, the second 975, the third 950… until the twentieth person that gets 500 points.

  • If they give a correct answer, but after the twentieth participant, they will also get 500 points.

Multipoint questions (MCQ, Fill in the blanks, Matching, Label an image, Open question):

  • If participants do not give any correct answers, they will consequently get 0 points.

  • If they give all the right answers, the first to have answered correctly will get 1000 points, the second 975, the third 950... until the twentieth who will get 500 points.

  • If they give some of the correct answers, then we apply a mathematical rule on 500.

    • We divide the number of correct answers by the total number of possible answers and then multiply it by 500.

For example: if there are 5 points to win and the participant has given 3 correct answers, the calculation goes as follows: ⅗ x 500 = 300 points.

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