Can I identify the participants?

You can either allow the audience to answer anonymously, or ask them to identify themselves in one of two ways.

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Please note that the features described in this article do not apply to SMS text participants. If you would like to identify SMS text participants, we recommend creating an open question in which you ask them to identify themselves. You will then be able to see who answered what by checking the grid of results.

Participation on Wooclap is anonymous by default, but if you'd like to know who sent in which answer to a specific question, or find out who asked a certain question through the message wall, you have two options.

Please note that, whichever option you choose, you must activate it before inviting students to connect to the event!

First: Allow them to choose a username

Turn on the Participant username function in the event settings.

Once participants connect to your event, they will then be able to fill in a username of their choice.

Second: Activate the "Authentication"

By turning on the authentication, participants will be required to log in using email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+, or the SSO of your organisation depending on the login methods you turn on.

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