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How to create a team and invite my colleagues to Wooclap?
How to create a team and invite my colleagues to Wooclap?

Wooclap allows you to create your team, and invite your colleagues so they can also benefit from your subscription!

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When you subscribe to a PRO licence, you will automatically create a team and have the possibility to add more seats and invite colleagues to join your team!

1. Create your team

To create your team, you need to buy one or several PRO licences: on our Pricing page, select if you work in the Education or Business field, choose the PRO licence, and click on Subscribe.

It will open a payment page, where you can update the number of seats you want for your team. When you invite a colleague to your team, they will occupy a seat. A user can be removed from the team in order to free the seat for someone else. For the moment, you can only pay by credit card or via SEPA. (upon request at

Once the payment is validated, you can rename your team.

Congratulations, your team is now created!

2. Invite colleagues to the team

Now that your team is created, you can invite your colleagues so they have access to all PRO features of Wooclap, and share resources with you.

Click on Add users to invite your colleagues and fill in their email addresses. If your colleague doesn't have a Wooclap account, they will receive an email inviting them to create one and they will then be able to join your team.

Please note that participants must have verified their email address.

You can invite as many people as you want to your team. If you don’t have enough available seats, you will be asked to update your subscription and add the missing seats.

You can now see in your team page who you have invited to your team and the status of the invitation.

The invitee will receive an email notifying them they are invited to the team. They must click on the link in this email and confirm that they want to join your team. Invitations are automatically cancelled if they have not been accepted or declined after seven days.

3. Remove users from your team

You can remove a user from your team at any moment. In the list of users in your team, select Delete, and then Yes. The user will no longer be part of your team and will be back on the free plan. This means they still have access to their account, with all their content, but only have access to the free features of Wooclap.

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