How to use Wooclap in Microsoft Teams

Find out how to integrate your Wooclap events into teams and in your Microsoft Teams calendar

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Installing Wooclap for Microsoft Teams

This integration allows you to easily use Wooclap events in your Microsoft Teams tools by providing a smooth experience for your participants!

Please note that this video also demonstrates how to install and use Wooclap in Microsoft Teams.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps listed below:

To install Wooclap for Microsoft Teams:

  • Go to Apps;

  • Type "Wooclap" in the search bar;

  • Select the Wooclap window and click on Add to a team;

  • Choose the team and the channel in which you want to start using Wooclap and click on Set up a tab.

If you can't find Wooclap among the available applications, it might be that your organisation has restricted the use of third party apps on Microsoft Teams. In that case, you will have to ask an administrator of your organisation to unlock the access to Wooclap.

Using Wooclap in Microsoft Teams

When using Wooclap in Microsoft Teams, you have various options.You can add a tab to a team and then a channel, or you can use Wooclap directly in your Microsoft Teams calendar.

Add your Wooclap event via your Microsoft Teams calendar

Schedule your meeting

When scheduling a new meeting in your Microsoft Teams calendar, you can now add a Wooclap event.

  • Click on New Meeting in Teams;

  • Once you’ve created your meeting, click on it to start editing. The Wooclap tab can only be added to a meeting when the invitation has been created, has at least one attendee, and has been sent. This is why the meeting organiser has to reopen the meeting tab once it has been saved;

  • Add a tab and choose Wooclap in the list of apps by clicking on the “+” button at the top right of your Teams meeting;

  • Then choose Wooclap in the list of apps.

At this point, you have two options:

  1. You can create a new event by filling in its name and clicking on Save;

  2. You can use an event that you have created beforehand by ticking the Select an existing event? box and then choosing one of your existing events from a drop-down list. Please note that you can edit the event if necessary.

Start your Teams meeting and share your screen

Once your Teams meeting is launched, you should share the window where your Wooclap event is displayed by clicking on the Share content button in the top right corner.

Choose the Microsoft Teams window where your Wooclap event is displayed:

Your attendees can now see your Wooclap presenter screen as shown below.

Please consider that this window sharing feature is specific to the Microsoft Teams application and is not available on the web version.

Participant’s view in case of a live voting event

Once your attendees have joined your Teams meeting and you have shared your screen, here is what they will see:

All participants have a “W” icon in the top right of their screen. When clicked, a side tab will open on the right, allowing them to answer the questions.

The screen shared by the presenter appears on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen, participants can send their answers directly without leaving the Teams meeting.

Please note that the usual “Stand-by” screen will be displayed if no question is launched.

Tips and tricks to set up your meetings in Microsoft Teams

The meeting organiser can edit the attendees’ permissions (mute or unmute participants, share their screen, add tabs…) by clicking on Meeting options:

Please note that attendees are allowed to present by default on Microsoft Teams, unless it is configured differently by your organisation. As the meeting organiser, you have the possibility of changing this default setting in the meeting options by choosing “Only me” in the dropdown menu next to “Who can present?”.

If your participants are allowed to present, they will be able to add a Wooclap tab to the meeting and launch a question. This could, in turn, become a source of disturbance during the class or the presentation.

This risk is not specific to the integration of Wooclap into Microsoft Teams, but to all the applications or features available on Microsoft.

In case of an asynchronous questionnaire with Participant pace

Your attendees can access the event directly from the meeting tab in their calendar.

They must open the invitation window in full screen...

...and then click on the far right tab that corresponds to the added Wooclap event.

Best practices for a smooth Wooclap experience on Teams

When incorporating a Wooclap event into a Teams meeting, we recommend setting the meeting options beforehand so that only the meeting organiser can present.

Add your Wooclap event to a team

When you add a tab to a team and then a channel, you will find Wooclap in the list of available apps. Click on the Wooclap icon to create or insert an event.

At this point, you have two options:

  • You can create a new event by filling in its name and clicking on Save;

  • You can use an event that you have created beforehand by ticking the Select an existing event box and then choosing one of your existing events from a drop-down list.

And voila! You can now create and edit the content of your Wooclap event as usual!

A few clarifications


Attendees will be asked to log into their Microsoft account the first time they participate.

Wooclap settings

Please note that all the settings configured by teachers are also available within the Wooclap event integrated into the Teams meeting (Message wall, I am confused button, etc.).

And there you have it! Now you know how to launch your Wooclap events directly from Microsoft Teams via your teams or your calendar!

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