Gather opinions, preferences, or data from participants in a structured and quantifiable manner

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Poll questions are used to gather information or opinions efficiently and systematically, providing valuable insights that can inform decision-making, improve products and services, engage an audience, and more.

Create a Poll

First, open the event of your choice where you would like to add a Poll question type. You can also start from scratch by creating a brand-new event.

Customize the Poll

Once you have opened your Poll question type, you can personalise it and tailor it to your needs. Start by adding the question (1) you want to ask.

Next, enter the several answers your audience can vote for. (2) By clicking on the +, you can add more answers to the question. (3)

Three options are available in the right-hand side menu: Multiple answers, Allow comments and Timer. The Allow comments option allows your participants to add comments to explain their answers.

When you are done preparing your question, you can either click on Save or Display now at the bottom of the screen to launch your Wooclap event.

Launch the Poll

Once you have clicked on Display now or Display, the question you have prepared will appear on your screen. You can then invite your participants to join your event and answer.

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