How does Wooclap AI work?

Create questions with AI on any topic in just a few seconds!

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Unleash the true potential of your questions with the seamless integration of artificial intelligence. Our AI technology empowers you to craft captivating multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Open questions in a matter of seconds. No more endless hours thinking up questions and racking your brain to come up with all possible answers, just AI-driven interactive content at your fingertips.

This feature is available for organisations that have subscribed to AI or are currently testing it. This is not the case for you? Discover Quiz Wizard, our free AI tool which helps you create questions in a matter of seconds. You can later import your questions into Wooclap. Check out our guide to Quiz Wizard here

Where to find it

When you are in an event, start out by clicking on New Question. You will see the option Create using AI. This will lead you to a screen asking you to select a source.

Select the source

Wooclap AI allows you to create MCQ’s or Open questions from various sources.

From a topic

Specify the topic on which the content will be based. A precise topic results in more targeted questions. However, a broad topic can be useful to overview various facets of a subject before delving into specifics. Also define the language of the generated content.

To help the model propose more precise questions, you can also specify the subject, expected level, and class for which the content is intended. These three options are optional, only the topic and the language of the generated content are mandatory.

From a document

This could be a course presentation, notes, a research paper, or a press article. Accepted formats include PDF, PowerPoint, OpenDocuments, Pages, Text.

Documents can be up to 200 MB. For larger files, consider breaking the file into parts or removing images that may be increasing its size.

From a text

Paste the text that you'd like to base the questions on.

From a link

Paste the link to a website you want to use as a foundation for questions. This could be a blog post, a Wikipedia page, or any other website.

Note that only the textual content of the site will be used to create questions; images and videos are ignored.

From an audio or video file

Upload an audio or video file from your computer, and Wooclap AI will create questions from it!

Accepted formats include MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPGA, M4A, WAV, WEBM. Files can be up to 25 MB. For larger files, consider breaking them into parts.

For videos, only the audio content will be used to create questions.

Choose the type of question

Once you've specified the content to be used for creating questions, it's time to select the type of question you want to generate. Wooclap AI offers two different formats:

  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ’s)

You can choose the number of correct and incorrect responses for each question.

  • Open questions

Generate open-ended question statements and associated correct answers

All you have to do next is click Generate Content, and the magic happens!

Customise the content

The AI-generated content is now displayed on your screen. It's essential to review and adapt it to your audience:

  • Verify the correct and incorrect responses (while the AI is powerful, it may make mistakes, so always maintain a critical eye!).

  • Ensure the relevance of the question to your educational goal.

  • Adjust the wording of the question to suit your students, their level, and your teaching style.

You can make changes directly by clicking on a question or a proposed response and editing the text.

You can click on Add the questions to the event in order to add all your AI-generated questions to your Wooclap event.

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