Framework is the ideal question type if you are looking to make collaborative framework creation and data gathering a breeze!

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The Framework question type is a versatile tool designed to empower you to engage in easy and collaborative framework creation with your participants such as SWOT, Porter’s forces, Business model canvases, and more! This feature is available to all Wooclap users.

Create a Framework

First, open the event of your choice where you would like to add a Framework question type. You can also start from scratch by creating a brand-new event.

Customise the Framework

Once you have opened your Framework question type, you can personalise it and tailor it to your needs. Start by adding clear instructions (1) for your participants. This will guide them on the specific aspects of the framework that you would like them to focus on.

Next, choose the image you wish to use as a framework from the files of your computer by clicking on the upload field at the centre of the screen (2). Looking for inspiration? Head over to the template page and download one of the existing templates for the Framework question type!

Lastly, you can add labels that participants will fill in and, optionally, give them a name. 

When you are done preparing your question, you can either click on Save or Display now at the bottom of the screen to launch your Wooclap event.

Launch the Framework

Once you have clicked on Display now or Display, the question you have prepared will appear on your screen. You can then invite your participants to join your event and answer.

The amount of answers received per label can be seen thanks to the number appearing in the bubble on top of the label.

Clicking on a label will automatically show you the results in the form of a grid. You can switch between the grid and the Word cloud view.

Alternatively, you can also choose to display answers by categories . This view allows the presenter to moderate the answers easily by either deleting, merging two answers or moving the answers from one category to another.

💡 Tip!

You can activate the option Display participant usernames in real-time (only for framework, brainstorming, message wall and open questions) to identify the participants based on their answers! Please note that the usernames will only be seen if the presenter displays the answers by categories.

Click here to download a Framework question in your Wooclap account!

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