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Can I set a timer?

Can I limit the time participants have to answer real-time votes and participant pace questionnaires?

Updated over a week ago

About this feature

For the time being, a timer can only be set for real-time interactions, not participant pace questionnaires.

Note that the timer is set-up for minutes (left square) and seconds (right square).

How does it work?

Improve everyone's focus by limiting the time they have to answer questions. You can specify a timer:

  • for a single question

  • or for all questions within an event. You'll find this option in the event settings. Don't forget to save this setting by clicking on Save on the down right corner of your screen.

The timer will start automatically once the question is displayed, and the voting will be closed once time runs out. If you'd like to give the audience more time to answer, you can always re-open the voting by clicking the little lock icon at the bottom of the screen (or using your keyboard's space bar).

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