The Participant pace tab allows you to create questionnaires which the audience can answer at their own pace (no surprise there!) at home or else where from a distance and share files which they will download.

Please note that participants can answer these questionnaires only through the web. SMS text participation does not work for this format.

You can make a questionnaire or a file available to the participants by using its "On/Off" toggle. As long as you leave it online, the audience will be able to access the content using your event's code.

Once you create a new questionnaire by clicking on (you guessed it) Create, you can create questions the same way you would in the Votes tab:

  • Select the type of question you would like to ask the audience (e.g. a Multiple choice question).

  • Fill in the required fields (e.g. the question and the possible answers) and click on "Save".

If you'd like your questionnaire to contain some questions you have already created elsewhere, you can use the Import function to copy these questions into your survey. You'll find more information about the Import function here.

Questionnaires are a great way for you to evaluate your students' level before or after a class, as well as to ask them for feedback.

Student view of a survey

Few rules about Participant pace:

  • Once students have filled in a questionnaire, they can go through the various questions to view the correct answers and how well they did. If you'd prefer students not be able to see the correct answers once they have completed the questionnaire, turn on the Hide the correct answers function when creating the questionnaire.

  • Participants can only see the correct answers once all the questions have been answered and not after each question.

  • Participants cannot modify an answer once it got answered. Though they potentially send new answers in certain types of questions for instance.

  • You can add a presentation to your Participant pace questionnaire by clicking on the "Add a presentation" button in your general event dashboard (not in the "Participant pace" tab) as described in the image below. However, these files and questionnaires can't be combined into one presentation with both the slides and the questions. Read this article to learn more about it.

  • If you want this presentation to be displayed on your participants' devices asynchronously, activate the "Show slides on participants' devices asynchronously" settings in your general event dashboard settings (not in the "Participant pace" tab).

  • You can view the results of a questionnaire as a Grid (results per question and per student) or a Report (results per question). You can also display results in real-time by clicking on Show details and then choosing the question to display on-screen. 

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