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Discover all the features of your Wooclap event in real time: change the text size, hide and show the results and much more!

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In this article, you will learn all the useful features that you can use when you display a Wooclap event in real time.

Displaying a question, a presentation, or the message wall, makes you reach this type of page. You will find the ‘presentation toolbar’ at the bottom of your screen.

This toolbar, from left to right:

  • If you have added a presentation to your event, a Presentation tab will appear on the far left of this toolbar. When you have imported a Google Slides presentation, this allows you to toggle between the slides of this presentation and your Wooclap questions. If it is another presentation format (PowerPoint, PDF etc.), the Presentation button allows you to go back to the previous slide (slide or question) after having navigated directly to a Wooclap question in the Questions tab.

  • Go to the vote of your choice manually

  • the Messages tab is on the right. It also allows you to alternate between your Wooclap questions and the messages of your audience.

  • If you have activated the Competition mode, then a cup will be displayed in the middle of the toolbar. To display the ranking of your audience, just click on it.

  • The padlock allows you to close and open the vote. When the vote is closed, participants can no longer send in answers. If a countdown timer is set for this question, clicking on this padlock when the time has elapsed will open the vote for participants to answer again.

  • The magnifying glasses – or + allow you to change the font size of the question (and proposals for MCQs, Polls, etc.). When a question is too long, you can display it in full screen by reducing the font size;

  • The cross allows you to display your event in full screen;

On the down right corner of your presenter's screen:

  • The button on the far right with a counter allows you to see the number of participants connected to your event (right number) and the number of them who answered the question (left number). Note that on certain types of questions such as Open Questions, Word Cloud or Brainstorming, only the number of answers is displayed.

  • The keypad on the far right allows you to access all available keyboard shortcuts.

Within this presentation interface, you also have other functionalities on the left or on the right of your screen.

On the left side of the screen :

  • The top diagram button allows you to show or hide your participants' answers.

  • The bottom tick button allows you to show or hide the correct answer

  • The Exit button allows you to leave the presentation and close the votes.

On the right side of the screen :

  • The two buttons on the right allow you to display your question and/or its image in full screen.

  • The QR code button next to the event code can be used at any time to display the login information for your event. This is particularly useful in order to quickly display the QR code and link to the event and/or the phone number to participate in if SMS participation is enabled.

That's it, you’re totally ready to present a dynamic Wooclap event in real time!

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