If you have not yet created any questions, find out how to do so here.

Step 1: Add the file
Click on "Add New" to select the file you will be presenting. It may take a few minutes for the file to upload and convert.

Step 2: Insert the questions

  • For Google Slides presentations, questions can't be inserted in between the slides. Click "Start" to start the presentation.

Use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to switch between your slides and the questions.

  • For PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF files, click on "Insert questions".

The slides are displayed on the left and the questions on the right. Use the "+" in between two slides to insert a question there and the green "+" next to a question to select that question (we recommend inserting the "0. How to participate?" question as the first slide of the presentation).

Step 3: Start the presentation
Click on "Start" next to your presentation, and use the right arrow to move from slide to slide. Once you reach a question, it will be displayed on the audience's screens and the voting will be opened.

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