Can I add notes to my presentation?

Add notes to your PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote presentation

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About this feature

When you upload a PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF presentation on Wooclap, you can add notes to each slide to help you during your presentation.

For the time being, notes which you added to your presentation before uploading it on Wooclap will not be converted. You must add them to each slide once the presentation has been uploaded on Wooclap.

How it works

Step 1: Add presentation

If you don't yet know how to add a presentation and insert questions in between its slides, have a look at this tutorial!

Step 2: Go to Insert questions

Step 3: Add notes

Below each slide, you'll find a field in which you can add the notes you want to view during the presentation.

Step 4: Start presentation in Presenter view

In order to view your notes during your presentation, you have to use the Presenter view. You can access this by hovering over the downward arrow next to your presentation's Start button, and then clicking on the field titled Presenter view.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to use the Presenter view.

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