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How to use Wooclap in Google Slides

Find out how to use the Firefox add-on or the Google Chrome extension to insert interactions directly into a Google Slides presentation

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If you'd like to use Wooclap in a Google Slides presentation, you have two options:

  • install our add-on or extension to your browser to insert interactions directly into your presentation;

  • or add your presentation on Wooclap.

Wooclap for Google Slides extension/add-on

Step 1: Install add-on/extension

Click here to install Wooclap for Google Slides on Firefox, or click here to install it on Google Chrome.

Step 2: Add interactions

  • A new button named Add Wooclap poll will appear in your toolbar at the top of your interface. Click on that button to add a new interaction to your presentation.

  • In the Wooclap frame that appears, select the event from which you would like to insert a question (1), select the question itself (2), and click on Insert question (3).

  • A new slide containing your real-time interaction will be created underneath the current slide. You can drag & drop these slides to a new position in the presentation in the column on the left side of the screen.

  • Repeat the process until you’ve added all the interactions you intended. We recommend only inserting questions from a single event to facilitate participation.

Step 3: Start presentation

Start your presentation using the Present button in the top right corner of your interface. Once you reach a question, it will be displayed on-screen and the real-time voting will automatically be opened so the audience can participate.

The language of the Google Slides add-in matches the one on your Wooclap account. You can modify it by going to the Settings of your account.

Add presentation on Wooclap

Google Slides presentations are different from PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF files because questions can't be inserted in between the slides of the presentation. You can, however, easily switch between your slides and real-time votes. Here's how to proceed:

Step 1: Publish the file
Open your Google Slides presentation and click on File > Publish to the web > Publish > OK. You can then copy the link you will use to add your presentation to Wooclap.

Step 2: Add the file
Click on Add presentation and paste the link you just copied in the field next to Google Slides.

Step 3: Start the presentation
Click Start to display the presentation.
As discussed in the previous tutorial, you can use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to switch between your presentation, your questions, and the message wall.

You can also use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • p : display presentation

  • q : display question

  • w : display message wall (if the wall was not yet active, this will turn it on)

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