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Spin the wheel

Promote active participation and foster a sense of inclusivity among your participants while keeping an element of surprise and fun!

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Spin the wheel is a fantastic asset that can be used to gamify your classes or workshop sessions with Wooclap in the twinkling of an eye! This feature is available to all Wooclap users.

Create a Spin the wheel

By incorporating the Spin the wheel question type into your Wooclap sessions, you can promote active participation, add a layer of fun, interactivity and foster a sense of inclusivity among your participants, whether during a classroom activity, a team-building exercise, or a workshop.

To get started, simply access the question types menu in Wooclap and choose the Spin the wheel option.

Customise Spin the wheel

Once you've selected the Spin the wheel question type, you can customise the wheel by adding your own propositions. You have the freedom to input various options, such as names, topics, or roles, to suit the specific needs of your session. Once you have added the different elements to your wheel, you can either click on Save if you would like to keep adding Wooclap questions to your event or Display now if you want to show the wheel to your participants directly.

There is one option available in the right-hand side menu: Choose among participants.

This option allows you to automatically add your participants to the wheel. Enabling this option will automatically activate the Participant username option, as an authentication is required to add your participants’ names. Participants can only be added to the wheel if two or more participants are connected.

If participants are still joining the event, you can click on the Refresh button at the bottom right of the projected screen to add participants who have joined the current event. You will be notified of the number of new participants.

The wheel can also be created on the spot, directly from the projected screen, by adding it to the list of quick questions!

Launch Spin the wheel

After adding your propositions and clicking on Display now you will be able to launch the Spin the wheel question. At this point, one of the options you entered will be randomly selected, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your session. This random selection ensures fairness and eliminates any bias in determining the next person, topic, or role.

A few things to keep in mind

  • The presenter is the only one able to launch and see the wheel on their screen, participants cannot activate it nor see it on their own device.

  • All the propositions in the wheel must be picked before going to the next question. Going to the next question will reset the wheel.

Managing groups and individuals just got a lot easier, whether in class, during meetings or while organising workshops. Spin the wheel allows you to easily and quickly answer questions such as “Who goes next?” or “Which subject should we talk about today?” as well as assign roles to each member of the group with only a few clicks. Happy spinning!

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