How do I use quick questions?

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Quick questions are real-time votes you can create during your presentation, in case you stumble upon an interesting question which you didn't think of when preparing the lecture. Here's how they work:

Step 1: Create the quick question

During your presentation (or while asking another question); go to the "Questions" button located in the toolbar.

A window appears in which you can select any of your event's questions or create a new quick question. The available quick question formats are the poll, brainstorming, timer, spin the wheel, open question, and word cloud.

For the latter three, click on the format you want to use and the question will be created in a mere few seconds.

For polls, there is an extra step involved: choosing the number of answers students must choose from.

Step 2: Ask the quick question

Once the question has been created, it will automatically be started. Since you have not filled in a question, it is important to clearly ask the students the question aloud or write it on the blackboard.

Below is an example of a quick poll with 4 choices. Since there isn't any information displayed in the poll itself, it is crucial you tell the students:

  • what the question is,

  • what the choices are,

  • and how those choices are ranked.

Quick brainstormings can be customised once they have been created. By clicking on the title of a category (e.g. 1, 2, 3,...), you can fill in its name (e.g. Category 1).
Just like for the poll, the question of the brainstorming can't be filled in and has to be asked orally or written on the classroom board.

Finally, the quick open question and word cloud simply require sharing the question with the students. They can then send in their answers, which will be displayed in real-time.

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