How are questions scored?

How are questions graded? Can I attribute points to questions myself?

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Points are attributed automatically by the system. For most question types, scoring is quite straightforward: there are as many points to win as there are correct answers.

  • Find on image: 1 point (you can select multiple correct areas, but for the time being, a Find on image still counts for a single point);

  • Find a number: 1 point (as of this writing, you can only determine one correct answer);

  • Sorting: 1 point;

  • Open question/Word cloud: 1 point per correct answer (click here to find out how to add multiple correct answers);

  • Matching: 1 point per match;

  • Fill in the blanks: 1 point per blank.

Participants do not lose points for wrong answers, i.e. a wrong answer = 0 points.

For Multiple choice questions, we apply specific rules.

MCQ where students can select only one answer

A MCQ where students can select only one answer counts for 1 point.

MCQ where students can select multiple answers

For MCQs where students can select multiple answers, participants receive:

  • 1 point for every correct answer they select;

  • 1 point for every wrong answer they do not select;

  • 0 points in any other case.

Therefore, an MCQ with 5 possible answers and with the "Multiple answers" turned on holds 5 points for participants to win.

Please note that there’s also a different scoring system that’s only available when the Competition mode is on. You can find more information on the way this system works by clicking here.

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