Step 1: Create a Brainstorming

Step 2: Fill in the question and the categories

In the example below, participants must share their ideas for how to reduce pollution on an individual, business, and governmental level.

Step 3: Start the question

Once you start the question, participants will be able to send in their ideas for the various categories you've defined.

Here's an example of a brainstorming on a participant's smartphone:

When displaying the results of the brainstorming, you can move post-it notes from one category to another - in case you believe they have been misplaced by participants - with a simple drag & drop.

You can also show the names of the participants when displaying the results! In order to do so, two conditions are required:

  1. The option “Display participant usernames in real-time” must be activated;

  2. An authentication method or the “Participant username” option has to be selected.

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