We recommend that you have:

  • A computer with an internet connection (via Wi-Fi or cable)
  • (Optional) A second computer or tablet if another person is in charge of moderating the participants’ messages (internet connection is required).
  • A projector to show the results and the messages from the audience.

Before your event or training takes place, here are our tips:

  • Choose a simple code to which the participants will have to connect for the event. For example: www.wooclap.com/code (code being the code you can choose).
  • (Optional) You can print the instructions and distribute them at the beginning of the conference / training / event. This increases the participation rate. Instructions are available on your interface. Do not forget to customize the code of your event before printing.
  • Allow 2 minutes at the beginning of the conference for the audience to connect to Wooclap.

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