How to participate in an event?

Discover how to invite your participants to your event and get familiar with the different connection methods available on Wooclap.

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The instructions slide on Wooclap allows your participants to see all the connection information they need in order to join your event. This feature is available to all Wooclap users.

Display the instructions slide

You can choose to display the slide at the beginning of your event by clicking on Display next to How to participate? or at any given time during your event by clicking on the QR-code symbol at the top of the interface, next to your event code.

Let your participants join

Your participants can join your event in different ways. They can:

  • Scan the QR code (1) visible on the instructions slide

  • Enter the event code (2) from the home page.

  • If the SMS participation has been activated, your participants will be able to connect to your event with their phone, without needing an Internet connection, by sending the event code (2) to the phone number (3) that is shown on the screen.

  • As a presenter, you can also copy the participation link (4) and share it with your participants.

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