Create your first event in Wooclap

Find out how to create your first event with different types of questions, such as MCQ, Word Cloud, Poll, and many others!

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Welcome to Wooclap! In the video below, discover in a few minutes how to create an event in Wooclap:

How to proceed

Step 1: Create an event

  • Click on Create Event and name your new event in the top left corner of the interface. Note that the default setting is the Votes tab.

If you wish, you can customize the event code by clicking on the pencil in the top right corner. It is thanks to this code that participants log in. Note that this code can only contain letters and numbers.

Step 2: Create your first question in the Votes tab.

  • In the Votes tab, select the type of question you wish to ask the audience (e.g., here: a multiple choice question).

  • Fill in the required fields: the question or instruction, the different answers, and tick the correct answer(s).

  • Click on “Save”.

To create all types of votes (Fill in the blanks, Brainstorming, Poll, etc.), repeat this step by selecting the format that suits you from the question choice bar at the top of your dashboard. You can scroll to the right using the arrow to see all the question types available.

Note that you can also add an image to illustrate your question by clicking on the grey corner to the left of your question.

Step 3: Invite the audience and launch the question

You will find your first question under the question "How to participate?".

Click on “START” next to it to invite the audience to log in to your presentation.

In the bottom right corner, the counter shows the number of connected participants. Once everyone is connected, use the arrow on the right to display the first question and allow the audience to answer it in real time using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Participants can reply to a vote as long as it is “launched” and therefore displayed on the projected screen. Once you decide to move on to the next question or slide, participants will no longer be able to answer the previous question. All participants answer the same questions at the same time.

Let's move on to a quick vocabulary reminder:

An event is an interactive session (a course, a training session, a conference, etc.) and a question is a type of question proposed within the same event (Word Cloud, MCQ, Find on image…).

That's it! Now it's up to you to create your first Wooclap event!

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