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How to synchronise event results with Moodle?
How to synchronise event results with Moodle?

Learn how to get the results of a Wooclap event in a Moodle activity.

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When you handle most of your sessions with Moodle, it can be very useful to find the results of your Wooclap events there too. To do that, you simply need to activate an option in Wooclap in order to synchronise the data between the two platforms.

This feature is only available to members of an institutional plan or self-serve users that have already integrated Wooclap into their Moodle environment.

Add a Wooclap activity to Moodle

Log into your Moodle account from the website of your Moodle environment and choose the course in which you would like to add a Wooclap activity.

Click on Turn editing on and then click on Add an activity or resource and select Wooclap. A new window will appear where you will be able to name your Wooclap activity and add a description (the latter is optional).

You can either choose to import a Moodle quiz that you have previously created on Moodle, duplicate a Wooclap event from the activities you have already integrated into Moodle or create a brand-new Wooclap event if you leave None for both options. Finally, click on Save and display to automatically be redirected to the Wooclap interface.

Activate the Moodle authentication

Before starting your event, make sure to activate the right authentication method in the main settings (Moodle login), in order to be able to synchronise the Wooclap event with Moodle.

To do that, simply leave the Wooclap interface and go back to your event via Moodle. That way you will be able to activate the Moodle authentication. This setting is only available when you have reached your event through Moodle.

From the participant’s side as well, results synchronisation only works for participants that are connected to the event via their Moodle account.

Sync the results

Once your session is over, simply click on Synchronise with Moodle in the banner displayed at the top of the interface.

The results are now available in your Moodle account, in the User report. You have the option to see either the results of all your participants or of only one, as shown below.

The percentage shown above represents the percentage of your participant’s correct answers for all the questions in your event (both real-time and asynchronous ones).

And to finish off, please know that questions without correct answers are not taken into account (Open question, Wordcloud…).

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