About this feature

The collaboration feature is an excellent way to create a Wooclap event and modify it with various people! This feature is only available for organisations which acquired a Wooclap licence for their whole campus or for companies who purchased a Custom licence.

You do not have a Custom licence yet? Contact us to find out more!

How it works

1. Create your Wooclap event

Start with creating a Wooclap event. If it’s the first time you’re creating an event, you can have a look at this article to help you get used to the platform.

2. Add collaborators

The collaborators within a shared Wooclap event fall under two categories:

  • Author;

  • Collaborator.

The event’s author is the person who created the event. The collaborators are the people who were added to said event by its author. Only the event’s author has the rights to add to and take collaborators out of the event.

Once the collaborators have been added to your event, they will receive an invitation per email informing them that they have been invited to collaborate on a Wooclap event.

Please note that you will only be able to invite Wooclap users that belong to your organisation.

Once the invitations have been sent, an icon will appear on the right side of your event to let you know that various people have access to it.

3. Build your Wooclap event together!

When you are editing your Wooclap event with several people, each person can create, delete or modify questions in the event. Everybody can also change the event’s settings.

However, only the event’s author can delete the event, add or take out collaborators.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if a person launches the Wooclap event while somebody else is currently editing it, the question will be displayed on all screens.

If a collaborator wishes to modify an event that is currently in progress, a pop-up window will appear as a warning.

The Collaboration feature is still in beta and will gradually be fine-tuned in the future. Your feedback is more than welcome and will greatly help us improve this feature to make it the best it can be! To share your experience, please email us at support@wooclap.com or head over directly to our chat to drop us a line!

A few clarifications

  • I have received an email invitation to collaborate on an event, but I can’t access the event once I am logged into Wooclap, why?

If you haven’t verified the email address linked to your Wooclap account yet, you will not be able to access the events to which you have been invited as a collaborator. Once your email address is verified, you will be able to access the event. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach us out at support@wooclap.com or per chat.

No, the Collaboration feature is only available to organisations (Universities or Companies) that have purchased a Custom licence.

  • What happens if I decide to delete the event that I shared?

If you’re the event’s author, all the collaborators will lose their access to the event once it’s deleted. A collaborator can leave an event as long as they are not the event’s author, but they will not be able to delete it. Leaving a Wooclap event will also make a collaborator lose their access to the event.

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