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How to test my event
How to test my event

Find out how to test your Wooclap event before displaying it to your audience.

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👋 Psst! The "Start" and "Start now" buttons mentioned below have been changed to "Display" and "Display now".

It is always interesting and reassuring to be able to preview the content you have created before presenting it to an audience.

To do so, please follow these 3 little steps:

1. Log-in as a participant

Once you want to test your event, launch it and then connect to it with its code via your smartphone or from another tab on your computer. You will then play the role of both presenter and participant at the same time.

Once you are logged in to your event as a participant from your smartphone or another tab, return to the presenter screen.

2. Display the questions

You can then launch the first question and see if it appears on your participant screen and if you can answer it. You can test your entire event like this, alternating between your presenter screen and the participant screen.

3. Reset your event test answers

Finally, you can reset this event by deleting the answers you have just given. This will delete the event datas and reset it to zero before your real presentation.

And that's it! Your event is now ready to be displayed to your audience.

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