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Can I organise remote exams with Wooclap?
Can I organise remote exams with Wooclap?

Find out everything there is to know about Wooflash for Exams

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Can I organise exams with Wooclap?

Wooclap was created to boost lectures and promote interaction between teachers and learners. It is mainly designed for formative evaluation.

However, the new Wooflash platform, launched by Wooclap, is an interactive platform based on neurosciences and artificial intelligence and designed primarily for distance learning. This platform is better suited for distance exams.

How can I create exams on Wooflash?

Create your Wooflash account for free. You can create one or more Wooflash courses and convert them into exams using the “Exam option”. Use these courses to test your students' knowledge.

What can Wooflash for Exams do?

This “Exam option” allows you to:

  • Create questions and convert them into exams;

  • Control the duration of exams by defining a start and end time and a time limit during which a student can start and complete the exam;

  • Ask questions in a defined or a random order and allow students to switch between questions at any time;

  • Allow students to answer a question more than once, counting only the last answer as valid;

  • Give students an overview of the questions they have already answered so they can visualise their progress;

  • Customise each question’s score to customise the exam’s grade by downloading an Excel file at the end of the exam containing the marks of all the students for the entire exam.

Finally, the answers will be saved in our system to ensure that the data is safe.

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