How to install Wooclap in Zoom?

To install Wooclap as an application in your Zoom account, please follow these steps:

  • Once connected to your Zoom account in the Zoom desktop client, got to Apps

  • In the Discover tab, select Wooclap and click on Add

  • Another tab opens in your browser asking you to grant access to the Wooclap application. Click on Authorize

  • Your Wooclap account will then open in the Zoom desktop client and be ready to use!

Wooclap in Zoom for teachers

Before the meeting

You can prepare your Wooclap events directly in the Zoom desktop client, without opening your web browser.

Click on the App tab in the Zoom navigation bar, then select the Wooclap Zoom App.

You now have access to the list of Wooclap events and can create or modify the Wooclap event for your next class.

During the Meeting

Access your Wooclap event

During the meeting, the Wooclap Zoom App allows you to quickly access your events, and share them with your students without opening your web browser.

In the Zoom toolbar, select Apps (1), then click on Wooclap (2).

In the side panel that has just opened, select Present an event (1), then click on the Pop out icon at the top right corner (2), to pop out this window.

Extend this window, and click on Done. You now have access to the list of your events, and can select the one you want to present to your audience.

Please note that your audience can still not see your Wooclap event. Thus you can still modify it or change some of its parameters.

Share the event with your students

Once you have selected your Wooclap event, you can launch it (on the Instruction slide for instance, or on the first slide), and screen share it in a single click thanks to the Share button.

The Wooclap window is now shared with you students. You can then invite your audience to connect in order to answer your Wooclap questions.

Please note that only the window inside the green frame is shared with your students. You can thus have another window on the same screen (your notes for instance).

You can suggest your students to open their Wooclap app on Zoom by clicking on the Send button (in the top right corner, next to Share) before sharing your screen. They will then receive a notification inviting them to open the Wooclap app.

Wooclap in Zoom for students

It is the same app as the one for teachers.

If the teacher has sent the Wooclap app by clicking on Send, students can simply click on the link that is in the Chat, accept to open the app, and fill in the event’s code.

They can then answer the Wooclap questions you launch without leaving Zoom.

If you have not sent them the Wooclap app, they can still access it via the App tab, in the toolbar.

Here's what the student view looks like once the app is opened and the teacher has shared their screen:

Uninstall the App

To uninstall Wooclap’s Zoom app, please follow these steps:

  • Log into your Zoom account and head over to the Zoom App Marketplace

  • Click on Manage > Installed Apps or search the Wooclap app

  • Click on the Wooclap app

  • Click on Uninstall

That's it! Now you can use Wooclap in your Zoom meetings!

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