How to take attendance with Wooclap?

Find out how to easily track your participants' attendance directly from Wooclap!

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The new attendance sheet feature allows you to track participant presence seamlessly during your events, offering valuable insights and simplifying the participants management process. This feature is available to all Wooclap users.

Activate Authentication

In order to be able to use the attendance sheet feature, you will need to toggle on the authentication for your event first. This step is crucial, as attendance tracking relies on participant authentication.

Once Authentication has been activated, select the connection method(s) required for your participants to be able to access your Wooclap event. Authenticating your participants will ask them to create a Wooclap account, if not done already. Participants can connect using either email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, or the SSO of your organisation depending on the login method(s) you choose.

Activate Attendance sheet

Simply toggle on the option Attendance sheet once Authentication has been activated and invite the participants to connect to your event as they normally would.

After the participants have logged in, they will notice a new screen, the attendance sheet. Participants will be asked to confirm their identity via the attendance sheet before accessing the event content. This sheet captures crucial data such as the participant names and the timestamps corresponding to the moment they have accessed the event.

Review the data

Once the Attendance sheet feature is activated, a new tab (1) appears in the Report section of your event dashboard.

You can export the data of the attendance sheet either to PDF (2) or Excel (3) for easy sharing and documentation.

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