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How to share an event with other users?
How to share an event with other users?

Use the “Share” and “import event” functions to share content with your colleagues

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Find out how to share your event with other users by allowing them to import it into their own dashboard!

Psst! Did you know that it is now possible to access an event from different accounts thanks to collaboration?

  • Step 1:  Click on Share

  • Step 2: Turn on the Share event with its code button.

  • Step 3: Share your event's code with your colleagues (i.e.: WOOTUTO)

To import your event, your colleagues only need to log into their account, click on Import Event,

and fill in the code you gave them.

Note that the new event on your colleague's account is separate from the original. Any changes made to either event will not be synchronised on the other.

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