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How do organizational templates work?
How do organizational templates work?

Find out how to share a Wooclap event as a template with your whole organization, without sending an event code.

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A template is an event shared by a user with all the members of their institution, in order to be used as a starting point for new Wooclap events.

For example, templates can be:

  • Benchmark events for trainings, shared by the pedagogical team that organized the training;

  • Events shared by users with their colleagues to let them draw on their own experience.

  • Or simply events that your team has to use frequently.

Please note that templates are only accessible for organizations with institutional licenses.

Importing a template

First select the page Template library on the left of the screen. You will see the list of available events in your organization, as well as the name of the person who shared it.

To import the event, click on Add. A copy of this event will then be created and added to your account.

Sharing an event as a template

Enter the event you would like to share as a template, click on Share and click on Publish next to the mention Publish as a template for the organization. Give your event a name and description and click on Publish.

The event you have chosen is now available and can be copied by all the users of your organization. An event that has been shared as a template will have the label Template in the list of your events.

Please note that users will be able to duplicate this event, but they will not have access to your own event, be able to modify it or see the results.

If you wish to modify a template (add a question, change the settings or set a theme, etc.), changes will not be visible to the colleagues who have imported that template into their Wooclap account.

If you click on an event template to edit it, a pop-up will inform you you are about to edit a shared event. If you click on Edit event, a banner at the top of your screen will tell you you are modifying an event template.

Taking out an event from the templates

Your event is not relevant as a template to your colleagues anymore? You can take it out from the list by following the same procedure as the one for sharing your event:

  • Enter the event you wish to remove from the templates

  • Confirm that you want to edit the event

  • Click on the Share button

  • Click on Unpublish

  • Confirm you want to unpublish the event as a template

The event will not appear in the list of event templates available anymore. But the events that your colleagues have already created by using your template will remain available on their account.

Moderating event templates

Moderating event templates is only accessible to administrators of an organization on Wooclap.

If you wish to take an event from the template list of your organization, go on the page of your organization (1), then click on the tab Templates (2).

You now see the list of templates in your organization, the name of the user who created each template, the date and time of the last edit of the template. Finally, you can choose to delete one of the templates (3).

This action will erase the template status of a Wooclap event, but it won’t delete the event in itself: it will still be available on the account of the person who created it.

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