Access the moderator interface by going to your events list and clicking on the M button next to your event’s name. This interface allows you to control your presentation from another screen or device and to filter the messages before displaying them on-screen.

  • Categorise messages

Organise the messages into categories to better structure you Q&A sessions:

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner
  2. Enable categories
  3. Rename the categories (e.g. an "approved" category for messages you'd like to display)
  4. Tick the checkbox next to a category to display it on-screen. Clicking on a category’s name allows you to see the messages it contains; ticking the box next to the name will display the messages on-screen.
  5. Add a message to a category by clicking on the "+" of the corresponding colour. Use the other three buttons to delete, edit, and place a message in fullscreen.
  • Start a vote
  1. Click on the Votes tab
  2. Choose the vote you want to show on the projected screen
  • Show a slide from your presentation

When you want to go back to your slides, you simply have to click on the current slide (or the next one).

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