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How does the Presenter view work?

Find out how to access and use Wooclap's Presenter view

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About this feature

The Presenter view is a practical way to start your presentation on Wooclap. It opens up a second window, visible only to you, which allows you to:

  • preview your presentation's next slide,

  • view the notes you added to the slide you're currently displaying to the audience,

  • and moderate the Message wall.

How it works

You can access the Presenter view by hovering over the downward arrow next to your presentation's Start button, and then clicking on the field titled Presenter view.

The presentation and notes

Once you open the Presenter view, you'll find your presentation on the left side of the interface. Throughout your presentation, you can view your current, previous, and next slide.

Below the slides, a drop-down list allows you to browse and select the different presentations you've added to that event (in case you've added more than one presentation).

Lastly, you can start a timer at the start of your presentation to keep track of how long you've been speaking.

In addition to your presentation's slides, you can also view the notes you have added to each slide. To do so, click on Notes at the top of the screen.

As you move through your slides, you'll see the notes of the slide you are currently displaying.

If you don't know how to add notes to your slides, have a look at this tutorial!

The real-time votes

The Presenter view allows you to control all of your event's real-time interactions.

You can manually start a question by clicking on Display next to that question, or - if you have inserted it into your presentation - the interaction will be launched automatically when you get to that slide.

Once a question is displayed, you can hide or display the results (1), open and close the voting (2), hide or display the correct answer (3), and change a question's font size (4).

The Message wall

You can also use the Presenter view to moderate the Message wall by organising the audience's messages into categories.

Here's how to proceed:

  • Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner and enable categories (1)

  • Rename the categories (e.g. an "approved" category for messages you'd like to display) (2)

  • Add a message to a category by clicking on the "+" of the corresponding colour. Use the other three buttons to delete, edit, and place a message in fullscreen (3)

  • Tick the checkbox next to a category to display it on-screen. Clicking on a category’s name allows you to see the messages it contains; ticking the box next to the name will display the messages on-screen (4)

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