The audience can participate in two ways: via the internet (smartphones, tablets or laptops) or via text message.

  • Via the internet: they must connect to the event’s unique URL which is displayed in the instructions. Once connected, the questions will appear in real time on the participants’ smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Via text message: the participants have to send the event code to the number shown in the instructions to be connected. After this, it is no longer necessary to send the code, they simply have to send their answers to the same number. 


Either you create your questions on the VOTES tab and the participants will only see the vote that is displayed on your screen. In other words, they can only answer one vote at a time.

Or, you can create a survey in the Participant pace tab If you want to them to answer a series of questions at their own pace, create a test/survey in the Participant pace tab.

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