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How to format text on Wooclap?

Find out how you can write underlined text or add bold and italics elements to your Wooclap interface!

Updated over a week ago

Remember LaTeX and AsciiMath, the two languages that let you write mathematical formulas in your favourite question types? Well, thanks to a little trick, you can also use those languages to format your text on Wooclap! This feature is available to all Wooclap users.

Format your content

You can change the way your text is displayed on Wooclap by using this formula and adapting it to your needs by changing the elements in between { }

$\text{ this is \textbf{in bold} \textit{in italics} \underline{underlined text} }$

Wow! Maybe that was too much at once. Let’s keep it simple for now and isolate each part:

$\text{ this is \textbf{in bold} }$

$\text{ this is \textit{in italics} }$

$\text{ this is \underline{underlined text} }$

Once you have added your LaTeX formula, you can then display your question in order to see how it’s being shown on both the presenter’s screen and the participants’ screen. If you are unsure of what the participants’ experience is on their end, know that you can connect to your own event and try it out as a participant yourself!

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