Once a class is finished, you can export the data you've collected through real-time votes, the message wall, and Participant pace questionnaires.
If you'd like to export questions to Moodle XML format, click here to find out more.


Open your event's settings, as shown below.

You'll find the available formats at the bottom of the settings:

  • Export results to Excel: export all results into an Excel document for further analysis. This file will also contain a tab in which you will find the audience's messages.

  • Grid: review the data per question and per participant.

  • Report: go through the general results of a session, just like when they were displayed on screen. You can also export this report to PDF.


Click on Export messages to Excel in the Messages tab of the event. There is only one available format for the messages.

Participant pace questionnaires

You can view the results of a questionnaire using the Grid and Report buttons, and you can export them by clicking on Export te Excel (for the grid) and Print as PDF (for the report).
The Export function is also accessible through the three dots next to Report.

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