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Label an image

Be it for guessing the name of countries on a world map or labelling the different parts of the human body, Label an image is here for you!

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Using captions, this question type allows you to place numbers on an image and then have your students guess what the designated labels are. You can also choose to add a blur, which is useful for hiding an existing caption, or synonyms.

How to label an image?

  1. Create a new “Label an image” question.

  2. Upload a picture from your computer.

  3. Insert captions into the picture, or blur existing captions.

  4. You can also choose to activate a timer.

Please note that all captions must be filled in before your participants can submit their answer.

The ”Ignore small errors” option, located on the right side of the design interface, prevents participants from being penalised for accents or capital letters mistakes.

To display the results of your Label an image question, click on Results (1) and then click on the label of your choice to show the results you have received so far (2,3).

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