Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks allows you to create text which your audience has to fill with words.

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Fill in the Blanks is a Wooclap type of question that allows you having your audience filling missing words within a text. Perfect for language courses, geography, or social sciences for example.

This feature also allows you to anticipate several potential correct answers!

How does it work?

First of all, when you’re in your event, choose the Fill in the Blanks question within the bar at the top of your dashboard.

Is it done? Great! Now follow these simple steps:

1. Write down your instructions

They have to be indicated in the first instructions line.

For instance here "Complete this short text about India".

Once this is done, you can move on to the step of creating your Blank text!

2. Choose your blank words

Within the second field, you can now define your blank text with [brackets] as in this example below:

"The administrative capital of India is [New Delhi].

One of India's three largest cities is [Bombay, New Delhi, Calcutta].

For me, India is []".

Rules for defining your blanks:

  • A single word [in square brackets] is considered to be the one and only answer and therefore, is replaced by a blank. Indeed, in the first sentence there is only one possible correct answer: [New Delhi].

  • [Two, 2] words separated by a comma are considered to be several possible correct answers, and are therefore replaced by a single blank. Indeed, for the second sentence, there are several possible correct answers: [Bombay, New Delhi, Calcutta]. If any of these answers is written by the participant, the answer will be considered as correct.

⚠️ In this case, note that to have multiple answers for one blank, answers have to be separated by ",". No matter whether there's a space before or after the ",".

  • a [] blank space in square brackets is not considered as a correct answer but as an open answer. For the third sentence, the participant is asked to write down a word that comes to his/her mind regarding India without a specifically good answer.

The ” Ignore small errors” option, located on the right side of the design interface, prevents participants from being penalized for accents or capital letters mistakes.

You now know everything about the Fill in the Blanks question! Well almost everything: remember that if you choose to send the Participant report to your audience, for this specific question the report will not show their answers unless it is the right answer.

When your question is ready, don't forget to save it by hitting the Save button at the bottom right of your screen!

That's it, your Fill in the Blank question is now ready. It's up to your audience to find out what's behind those missing words!

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