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All my events have disappeared. How can I retrieve them?
All my events have disappeared. How can I retrieve them?

If you sign up using Google, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams or a Single Sign-on, you may have to merge accounts

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Did you log in on your account to find your events missing? Here's what might have happened.

First: please note that events are never deleted without your consent. The only way for content to disappear is for you to delete it yourself.

1. You logged in with two (or more) different email addresses

Logging in with different email addresses grants you access to different accounts. Here are some of the most recurring cases:

  • you used a professional and a personal email address;

  • you used two different professional email addresses with the same domain name (e.g. and These are considered different email addresses by the authentication system;

  • there was a typo in the email address you entered when you tried to log in (either the first time you signed up or the last time you tried to log in).

2. You used different login methods with the same email address

Using different login methods (SSO, email + password, facebook, linkedin, Microsoft Teams, etc.) creates different accounts which contain different events.

Most of these login methods perform a verification of the email address through some other system (Google, LMS, facebook, etc.). However, if you log in using your email address and a password, you must perform that email verification through Wooclap.

Here's how to proceed:

  • Log in using your email address and password (not through Google/Moodle/Facebook/LinkedIn/Teams);

  • click on "Verify account" at the bottom of the page (see image below).

You'll then receive an email to verify the email address. Once that's done, all the accounts which have been created with that email address will be merged and you'll be able to access all of your events using the different login methods.

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