Add online videos (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo) and mp3 or mp4 files to your presentation

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About this feature

The Audio/Video feature allows you to add online or personal audio and video files to your presentation and questionnaires.

In Participant pace questionnaires, these videos will automatically be played on the participants' devices. For real-time interactions, you can choose whether or not to display a video on the participants' devices.

It is not yet possible to insert questions into an audio or video file. For the time being, you must play the video (or part of it) and switch to another question.

How does it work?

To add a video or audio to your event, start by selecting Audio/Video among your interactions.

If it's an online video, simply copy and paste its url. Alternatively, you can upload the mp3 or mp4 file directly from your computer files.

If you are planning on showing the video during a real-time event, you can choose whether or not to display it on the participants' devices by using the option on the right side of the interface.

If you only want to show a small part of the video or audio file you have inserted, you can set a start and an end time from the Wooclap interface.

If you're wondering how to insert your Audio/Video question in between the slides of your presentation, you can also have a look at this tutorial.

Having issues uploading your YouTube video onto Wooclap? Check out this tutorial.

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