You can insert various interactions into your PPT file using Wooclap's PowerPoint add-in. Please note that this add-in is available for PowerPoint 2013+, PowerPoint 2016+, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac and PowerPoint Online. If you use a different version of PowerPoint, you can also insert your questions by uploading your presentation on Wooclap.

Installing Wooclap's PPT add-in

Step 1: Open PowerPoint, click on Insert > Add-Ins > Store

Step 2: Search for "Wooclap" (1), and click on Add (2).

Using Wooclap's PPT add-in

Step 1: In the Insert tab, click on the Wooclap add-in.

Step 2: Click Start

and log into your Wooclap account.

Step 3:

  1. Select the Wooclap event from which you want to retrieve a question.
  2. Select the question that should be displayed on this slide.
  3. Click on Insert Question.

Step 4: Start your presentation. Once you reach a question, click the "play" button to start the question and allow the audience to answer it.

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