Find a number

Ask your audience to answer a question using a numerical value

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Engage your audience by asking them numerical questions to encourage participation and stimulate discussion. Assess participants' understanding by quizzing them on specific numbers, encouraging practical application of knowledge.

Create a Find a number question

First, open the event of your choice where you would like to add a Find a number question type. You can also start from scratch by creating a brand-new event.

Customize the Find a number question

Once you have opened your Find a number question type, you can personalise it and tailor it to your needs. Start by adding the question you want to ask. (1)

Then, enter the number you want the correct answer to be. (2) You can add, if you wish to, a tolerance to your question. (3) Here is an example :

If your value is 10 and you set a tolerance of 2, answers between 8 and 12 will be correct

If you don’t want your participants to be graded on this question, you can uncheck the little box next to the value. (4)

Three options are available in the right-hand side menu:

When you are done preparing your question, you can either click on Save or Display now at the bottom of the screen to launch your Wooclap event.

Launch the Find a number question

Once you have clicked on Display now or Display, the question you have prepared will appear on your screen. You can then invite your participants to join your event and answer.

The results view per default is the list view. It’s also possible to display the most frequent answers, the statistics and the correct answer 👇

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