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How to import previously created questions?

Import questions from an Excel file, Brightspace, Wooflash or another event.

Updated over a week ago

If you have previously created questions somewhere else, use the "Import questions" function so you don't have to create those questions all over again.

  • If you have created questions on another platform (Kahoot!, Socrative, Mentimeter, etc.) and you would like to transfer them to Wooclap, select "Import from an Excel file". You can then download a template of the required format.

  • If you would like to use questions from another event in your new one, choose "import from another event".

  • If you would like to import your quizzes from Brightspace into Wooclap, select “import from Brightspace”.

  • You can also import questions from Wooflash by selecting “Import from Wooflash”.

  • Similarly, if you created questions in the "Votes" tab of your event and you would like to copy them in the "Participant pace" tab of that same event (and vice-versa), click on "Import from another event" and select the event in question.

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