How to import questions from Wooflash?

Switch from asynchronous questions to real-time class by importing your Wooflash course into Wooclap!

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If you have created content on Wooflash, you can choose to import questions from Wooflash to use them on Wooclap as well.

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1. Create or select your Wooclap event

Start with selecting or creating a Wooclap event. If this is your first event you can check out this article to help you getting started with the tool.

2. Import your Wooflash questions into Wooclap

Click on Import questions, then select From Wooflash. A pop up window will appear asking you to log in. Once you are logged in you can simply choose your Wooflash course.

Then select the questions you wish to import in your Wooclap event.

That’s it! Your Wooflash content is now available on Wooclap.

A few clarifications :

  • All Wooflash questions cannot be imported into Wooclap: Label an image, Find on image and Audio are not yet supported.

  • It is also not possible to import the formatting of a text or images from Wooflash. Only the images and the formatting included in the Slide question can be imported.

  • The questions Flashcard, Short answer, Math expression and Self assessment of Wooflash will turn into an Open Question on Wooclap.

  • Single Choice question will become a MCQ with only one possible correct answer.

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