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How to embed a Participant pace questionnaire into 360 Learning?
How to embed a Participant pace questionnaire into 360 Learning?

Find out how to integrate Wooclap questionnaires into 360 Learning with an iFrame code

Updated over a week ago

You can now insert a participant pace questionnaire into 360 Learning. The participants will be able to answer the questions without opening Wooclap in another tab.

This feature is available for all paid licences. Users on the Wooclap free licence won’t be able to access this feature.

To create a 360 Learning course, click here.

1. Copy the iFrame code of the Wooclap participant pace questionnaire

The iFrame what? Don’t panic, we will explain everything to you!

  • In your event, enter the participant pace tab

  • Choose the Wooclap participant pace questionnaire you want to import into 360 Learning

  • Click on Share (next to the report button)

  • Copy the iFrame code (be careful, do not copy the direct link but the iFrame code)

The link of your Wooclap participant pace questionnaire is now copied.

2. Paste the iFrame code into your 360 Learning course

Log into your 360 Learning account.

Once you are on the edition page of your 360 Learning course, you can now:

  • Define the title of your course

  • Click on Add a document, in the left sidebar (small icon ▶️)

  • In the Import section, in the Paste an embed code field, paste the Wooclap iFrame code and click on OK

  • Define a title for your document and click on Save

  • Click on Play

You can now captivate your participant's attention with beautiful Wooclap questions inserted in your 360 Learning courses. Congrats!

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