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How to access the licence purchased by my organisation?
How to access the licence purchased by my organisation?

Find out how to join the plan of your organisation and unlock your free unlimited access to Wooclap.

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Being a member of an organisational licence allows you to get the best of Wooclap, whether it’s in terms of collaboration with your colleagues, content creation and (of course!) interaction with your audience! This feature is only available to the Wooclap users who are part of an institutional licence.

Are you interested in implementing an organisation-wide Wooclap licence within your own institution? Please contact us through this form, we would be happy to connect!

Connect to Wooclap

You can either log into Wooclap or register your account if you have not created one yet.

If you create an account, please verify your email address first before proceeding with steps of this tutorial. A pop-up window will appear on your screen if your email address has not been verified on Wooclap yet and if your email domain is linked to an organisation which has an institutional Wooclap plan.

Enter your organisation code

Once you have logged in, click over your name and select Redeem company code.

Enter the code and click on OK to automatically join your organisation.

Your account will then be upgraded, which you can see by verifying the name of your current plan in your account settings.

If you do not have a company code or you are not sure how to proceed to obtain it, please reach out to the person in charge to share it with you within your organisation. Should they not have it either, please shoot us an email at

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